The Inspiration behind The Work Club/CAP Job Club

The Work Club was established in October 2011 as a response by King’s Church to the rising levels of unemployment in the area. King’s Church has been involved in the local community for over 30 years. The Church Leadership agreed to be the main sponsor and to support Club with the purpose of demonstrating Christian compassion and hope and provide practical help to those struggling in the recession. theworkclub-small The Work Club is voluntary, its volunteers help people who live locally who are actively seeking work. The leadership team believe it’s about the local church making a difference in the local community. If you like our approach come each week until you have secured a job or training. We welcome feedback and we will endeavour to create a programme that will meet your needs. We believe that everyone has something to offer; we are all of value. We realise that all of us may have made wrong choices or wished we could start again, The Work Club is about fresh beginnings and a new start to achieve your dreams and plans for the future. Mark Willett the founder and inspiration behind The Work Club worked closely with Job Centre Plus and Penwortham Town Council to develop a sustainable model and has recruited an enthusiastic team of specialist team to help provide the specialist skills and knowledge required to get The Work Club up and running. They are all members of their local churches and give their time freely. Attendance at The Work Club is voluntary, its free to attend , it is not part of the Governments Mandatory Welfare to Work Programme, although attendance at the club can be used as evidence of job seeking when signing on for benefits. The Work Club cannot pay travel costs from home to the club but we do provide free access to laptops, printer and connection to the Internet. All materials and resources are free. To fund TheWork Club the Church relies on Grants, Donations and individual gifts.


From April 2013 The Work Club partnered with Christian Against Poverty Job Clubs and became the first Church Sponsored CAP Job Club in Lancashire. There are now 145  CAP Job Clubs ( May 2016 ) across the UK and CAP will be looking to expand the network even more over the next few years. The Team delivers the three key CAP Job Club  activities , Community  Coaching and the Steps to Employment Course. From May 2014 King’s Church partnered with Calvary Christian Fellowship (CCF)  to have a second location at their Church Centre in Lostock Hall.  The CCF Job Club closed in March 2018. From June 2014 the team has offered the CAP Money Management Course. details  on the website.


How can I find out more about the Christian Faith ? We hope that you have found the web site helpful and useful when looking for work, or perhaps you have attended the drop in or workshops and worked with the Team. Our aim to provide the best possible service to everyone who visits us, ultimately we want people to enjoy their jobs and achieve their goals and potential and bring financial peace and freedom for themselves and their families. However, we believe as a team that we have been called to make a bigger impact in the world bringing a greater peace and freedom that is available to all of us. We believe as a Charity that achieving your potential in terms of employment is only part of the plan for your life.

We believe that we can have eternal life through Jesus, God’s son. God loves us very much and he wants to have a close relationship with us. Sadly we have been separated from God’s love by something the bible calls sin, simply put, sin is choosing to live for ourselves rather than for God. We sin when we ignore God, break his laws and basically go our own way. Sin destroys relationships with friends, with family and with God. The bible says that sin ultimately brings death, we have all sinned and we all deserve to die. But God, who is full of mercy, loved you so much that he sent Jesus to come and die in your place. Jesus died so we can have eternal life. He has done everything He can to demonstrate just how important you are to Him , whether you have been unemployed for a long time, or recently been made redundant or returning to work after a period of absence , God understands your situation . It is now up to you to decide what you want to do. God is offering you life in all its fullness for all eternity. All you need to do is accept that you have sinned, ask for forgiveness and decide to live the rest of your life only for Him. The choice is yours, however if you want to find out more before making a choice, King’s Church ( and other Churches in the Area) organise Discovery,  Christianity Explored or Alpha  sessions, an opportunity to find out more about being a follower of Jesus. If you would like to become a Christian right now you might want to pray this prayer out loud Lord Jesus I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my life. (Take a few minutes to ask His forgiveness for anything particular that is on your conscience)

Please forgive me. I now turn from everything which I know is wrong. Thank you that you died on the cross for me, so that I could be forgiven and set free. Thank you that you offer me forgiveness and the gift of your Spirit. I now receive that gift. Please come into my life by your Holy Spirit to be with me forever.   Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen * Copyright – Alpha International 2008 If you prayed the prayer or you want to find out more ,please contact our email account hello@the and we will arrange to put you in touch with a local church.




Marks Story (CAP Job Club Manager)   I was the known as the “Coppers” kid, my Dad was a policeman, kids can be pretty cruel with taunts and name calling, it got worse when I failed my 11 plus and went to the local secondary school where I was bullied by kids who weren’t interested in learning. My Mum had started attending a local church and I had gone along too, one of the leaders had suggested that I leave school at 15 and make a fresh start at a local FE college, which was the best advice ever, new friends and a new learning environment with students who wanted to get on. I flourished, my confidence improved and I succeeded in passing O levels and A levels, not bad for someone who had failed their 11 plus! I went away to university (the first in my family).

I was having a great time  until I came to first year exams,  I fell ill and I was really concerned I would fail. One evening just before my exams a stranger walked up to me at the YMCA accommodation where I lived and asked if I had been “saved” I looked at him confused, I went to church but what was this “saved” business! He walked away and I never saw him again, but I began a journey to find out more about being saved. A few months later I returned home dreading the news from the university.  Then few days after my 20th birthday a friend invited me to a home meeting at church, that night I suddenly realised that it was Jesus who is the one who saves us, and that night I asked Jesus to be my saviour and friend, he wiped away all the things I had done wrong and by dying on the cross that gap between God and me was bridged and I could have a relationship with him. From that day I found out more about being a Christian and experiencing his presence in my life every day. A few weeks later I picked up the card from the university, I had just scraped through my exams, I returned back sensing God had a new direction for my life.

He did, and I got involved in youth work during my spare time and after graduating I trained as a careers adviser. I went on then went on to manage Youth and Adult Careers Services in Lancashire. I have a wonderful family, wife and three kids, and I am part of local church. In 2011 after working in the careers service for 34 years I was made redundant but God had new direction for my life and I felt a strong call to start a Work Club to help unemployed people in the local community and along with a group of friends from local churches we launched a Club for Penwortham, a year later we partnered with Christians against Poverty becoming the first CAP Job Club in Lancashire, and later we opened a second location in Lostock Hall.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with liver cancer and after a referral to Leeds Regional Liver Transplant Service I had successful liver transplant on 19th December, the medical staff were amazing and I was so grateful to the donor family, and to friends and family who prayed for me and cared for me when I returned home. Since the transplant I have made a great recovery and the latest scan showed I was cancer free and the transplant had been a success. As I reflect on my journey of faith, I often think of the person who tragically died and gave his liver for me, that liver saved my life. But a greater miracle happened 40 years ago when I first gave my life to Christ, he gave His life for me, so I have eternal life. I was so grateful that someone prompted me on a journey of faith to find out more about Christianity. As you have read my story perhaps this has prompted some questions. If you would like to know more about becoming a Christian, then why not come along to King’s Church that meets in the Priory Academy Crowhills Drive Penwortham just off Liverpool Rd on a Sunday Morning at 10.30am. To find out more details on   or about the work of the CAP Job.