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Press Release: More people attended CAP Job Club in January than ever before !

More and more people have been joining CAP’s Job Club in Penwortham during January than at any time over the past 12 months.

Mark Willett CAP Job Club Manager commented. ” we have always had a steady number of people attending the Job Club, but during January numbers have doubled, both during the morning drop in and at the “Steps to Employment” Course. I think the reasons are : a number of people locally have lost there jobs in the run up to Christmas and are keen to get back as quickly as possible into employment. Those people taking seasonal jobs over the Christmas period or working with employment agencies on short term contacts, are finding themselves unemployed again in January.  Also  we have  seen an increase in the number of referrals from Job Centre Plus who are looking at different approaches to help their long term unemployed customers back to work.”

Mark commented “we have been running the Club for over 2 years and supported over 100 residents to take steps back to employment,  and so people are getting to know about us through contacts in the community. We also have a great team of volunteers who are give their time freely each week to help and support people who actively seeking work but who need some encouragement and help.”

Mark said “the CAP Job Club offers something very difference from the funded government back to work  programmes. All the team that help at the Club are volunteers and many have experienced unemployment themselves, or have experience helping people back to work. The Club in based in the heart of the community and creates a unique friendly environment where people feel valued and supported. The team take a step by step approach helping people set achievable goals , identifying skills and strengths and then the best way to show themselves to potential employers.”

“If you are needing some extra help and live locally, why not pop along and find out more, the Club is open each Thursday during Term times between at Penwortham Community Centre Kingsfold Drive Penwortham PR1 9EQ . or email



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