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Preparing for interviews workshop Thursday 23rd Feb 2012


New Year, New Start…. for one of our Club members !


Linda came to The Work Club in the New Year after being made redundant at the end of December.  She had already applied for a job and got an interview for the next day.  One of our volunteers helped her complete an application form for another vacancy she had seen.  Dave helped her consider her skills and experience to undertake the job she was applying for by looking at examples she could provide to evidence this.  Then Jeannette helped her think about how she was going to prepare and approach her up and coming interview.  This consisted of looking at what the employer wanted in terms of skills and experience and seeing how she matched them.  Questions were devised for Linda to consider that would help her know what she could offer this new employer.  Linda had been employed by her previous company for many years and when this happens sometimes there is a tendency to take what we do for granted, so by unpicking what a new employer wants, really thinking about all the many experiences gained and matching these can really help us prepare.  So when we get to the interview we know ourselves inside out!

We are pleased to report that Linda got the job the very next day and started the following week!

Perhaps you would like help in preparing for interviews?  Do you keep getting to interview stage but then don’t get the job?

If so why not come along to The Work Club on Thursday 23rd February at 10.30 and join our workshop.  You can have a brew and a biscuit and discuss what you want to achieve.

We also have the Next Step Service available so let us know if you would like an appointment with one of the Advisers before and after the workshop.

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