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New Year Message and news from Mark Willett Founder and Leader of the Work Club – Penworthan and Kingsfold


“On the 18 December 2012 was called by St James Hospital Regional Liver Unit to receive a transplant liver, I had been on the waiting list since August 2012 when during a routine scan I was diagnosed with cancerous tumours in the liver.

On 19 December the transplant was successfully completed and I moved into ICU and then a few days later onto the Medical Ward, through prayer, wonderful care by the Doctors and Nurses, fantastic support and encouragement from Anne my wife, family, friends from church , colleagues a huge number of folks who prayed for my recovery, I was discharged 12 days later with a wonderful Christmas gift of a new life, I was home with the family for the New Year.

 I have been making a steady recovery since returning home, and I went to Leeds on Tuesday for my weekly clinic appointment, the Consultant was pleased my recovery and I have now had all my stitches and staples removed and so able to get out and about better, over next few months I will building up my strength and health , step by step doing a little thing day my day.

Jeanette will be taking over the day to day running of the Work Club each Thursday and we are on target to introduce our Spring programme, watch the web site for details. Meanwhile I will still be working behind the scenes updating the web site, corresponding with partners and supporters.

As I reflect on the last 24 days as Christian I can testify that prayer does work , that God listens and moves when we and others call upon Him, I was so touched throughtout my time in hospital. I was also touched my the tremendous and overwhelming kindness from cards, texts, emails calls and visits from close family and firiends, and the care from the hospital staff was first class. I also want to thank the donors family without their sacrifice the transplant could not have gone ahead.

My message to you all especially those struggling after Christmas with little prospect of getting work is , dont give up hope, come to a work club like ours, connect with a local lively church, that are involved in the community, get help from friends and family,  like me start each day as a new day try something new, it might be as simple as going for a walk , doing some exercise, reading a book, visiting a friend who needs cheering up, volunteering, enrolling on an adult class, learning new skill or sharing your skills with another.

I have two goals this term, one to return as soon as possible to help again at the Work Club and second to walk my daughter Bethany on April 6th down the aisle when she marries Will. Why not set some achieveable goals yourself,  come and talk to the team and members and together we can support you bcak to work or learning.

I am just an ordinary person but I know an extraordinary God who has transformed and upheld me in His hands if you want to know more review the page about the background to Club and how you can become a Christian.

I hope that you have been encouraged I will be updating the blogg from time to time with news , we want to hear your stories as so send them in via

God Bless”



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