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Local MP visits CAP Job Club


On Friday 3rd July the MP for South Ribble visited our Friday morning Job Club.

Seema Kennedy, the new MP for South Ribble, made time in her busy schedule to visit our Christians Against Poverty Job Club on Friday. She chatted with volunteers and work club members about why they attend Job Club, the difference it makes and their experiences of trying to find work in South Ribble.

Mark Willett (Job Club Manager) and Paul Jackson (Associate Pastor, CCF) had opportunity to chat to Seema about things that affect job club members and people seeking employment in and around South Ribble. Mark and Paul encouraged Seema to remember and speak up for the poor and vulnerable in her role as an MP, specifically raising issues around ‘Zero hours contracts’ and confusion and unfairness in the benefits system.

It was a typically busy morning at Job Club. As well as helping club members with job searches and talking with the MP, we ran a mock interview to help someone prepare for a job interview that afternoon and we provided help to someone in filling in a benefits form.

The CAP Job Club is run jointly by Kings Church, Penwortham and Calvary Christian Fellowship, Lostock Hall.


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