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New Year, New Start, New Career !

“New Year, New Start, New Career!” you will see this in lots of Newspapers, Job Search sites, but how can you keep motivated after the initial enthusiasm? The Work Club can make a real difference as trying to restart your job journey or dream career can be hard on your own.

The Work Club’s top 5 tips for 2012:

1. Update your CV e.g. have you updated your telephone/mobile number ( did you get a new mobile for Christmas?)
2. Review your job search sites (Ask The Work Club Team if there any sites that can make your job searching quicker and easier, and check out the new web site )
3. Request a Careers Guidance Interview ( either at The Work Club or with your Next Step IAG adviser co-located at Job Centre Plus.)
4. Learn a new skill,activity or do some volunteering (it will give you a boost and look good on your CV or application form.)
5. Bring a friend ( who is job seeking too along to The Work Club and work together on your plans, sometimes two heads are better that one!)

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