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Breaking News The Work Club gives its support to “Action on Careers” a campaign by the ICG

The Work Club gives its support to “Action on Careers” a the UK-wide campaign by the Institute of Career Guidance to show that career guidance makes a difference – to the wellbeing of individuals, the UK economy and society at large .

 “We believe that everyone who needs it should have the opportunity to receive face-to-face guidance, supported by web and telephone services. We believe that a blend of services makes sense. However career guidance is about supporting, challenging and empowering individuals and this cannot always be done via a website or talking to an adviser on the phone. We want face-to-face career guidance provided by impartial, professionally qualified careers advisers to be available to those who need it.” “We are campaigning to ensure that everyone who needs access to expert career guidance should receive it – where they want it, when they want it and how they want it. We are urging government and employers to invest in career guidance to help the UK return to growth and support those people who are struggling to find a job or seeking a new direction in their lives,” says Sarah Finnegan-Dehn, President of the Institute of Career Guidance.””We are particularly concerned that face-to-face career guidance, delivered by suitably qualified careers professional will simply not be on offer to many people who need it.”

If you would to sign for the Campaign contact the ICG


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